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Today is all about traveling smart; and I'm not talking about making sure everything is on your checklist before you leave. Now, all you need is a smartphone to aid you in all traveling efforts - its only a matter of time before we have pop out tents built into our phones, right? Lets take a look at 5 innovative applications made for travelers/commuters.

1. Navigo

In France, commuters have to swipe their Navigo card at designated areas equipped with Near Field Technology to pay for their bus, train, etc commute. France's public transportation authority, STIF, are working to integrate the Navigo card with NFC-compatible smartphones. Commuters will be able to swipe their smartphones at the NFT stations. One less thing to carry or lose? I'm on board.... If only Seattle incorporated the Orca card into our phones.

2. Nearest Subway

This handy application utilizes augmented reality to guide you to the nearest subway station. Hold the phone up to you and point it to the direction you want to go and it will find the nearest subway station, showing you the street and distance you need to go on your screen.

3. Beat the Traffic

Easily check the latest road traffic conditions in your area and discover the best route to take to avoid traffic jams.

4. Bixou

If you commute using a bike or just love to ride bikes, then you will love this app. The BIXI public bike system puts hundreds of bikes around town, and allows you to cheaply rent them and drop them off at any station. The Bixou app supplies real time info on all stations in the network and uses GPS to list stations closest to you.

5. TripIt

TripIt is the easiest way to organize and share travel information. TripIt “automagically” takes all your trip details and creates one truly helpful itinerary that’s there when and where you need it – on your iPhone or iPad, in your calendar, and online at

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