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Nokia World is over and we are beginning to wrap our heads around what is to come of all the great new Nokia/Windows phones announced this week. Everything I saw was rather compelling; great looking phones, decent processing power, everything is now running mango - whats not to like? These are all phones we can get our hands on, but what about the new Nokia prototype we can't get our hands on?

This new bendable prototype has been turning heads, and for a good reason. The way this new hand held form factor bends, you will have to twist and turn your head to view the screen.

Here's how it works: Twist to cycle through photos and music files. Flex inward or outward to zoom into photos, or pause and play music.

Nokia has come out with one of the coolest new prototypes I've seen in a while, though we may never see it reach consumer production. I see no real-world applicable use for this new form factor, except for the screen that seems to be indestructible -I would have loved to have had those screens on the first three smartphones I owned... Lets take a look at the demo of Nokia's prototype shall we?


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