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Many people, including me, ditched their watches in favor of their smartphones in order to worry about one less thing to remember before running to work. Today, I stumbled across a new smartwatch that emulates the user interface of Android-based smartphones. Milan-based Blue Sky created the first "smartwatch" named the i'm Watch which sports many of the basic functions of a smartphone including calls, text messages, email, music, photos, videos and the Internet. The smartwatch looks like it may have been based off the iPod Nano watch created on KickStarter. Since the watch is an Italian product, it is a little unclear as to whether or not it works is the US, although I am sure we will learn more as the watch is set to be displayed at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. If these are able to sync up with US based phones you can expect a full review. If you wish to purchase this awesome smartwatch, be prepared to spend a fair chunk of change for the Tech version which will run EUR 499 (unless you purchase the base model EUR 249).



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