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A little while back, Microsoft launched a landing page to a social network called Tulalip.  Little is known as to why the site was "leaked" before it was ready to launch; maybe an IT error or possibly intentional to create internet buzz (working). The name choice of Microsoft's social network would not be obvious unless you are a native of Washington; Tulalip is a Native American tribe that was located close to Redmond (Microsoft's home base). The tech giant bought the domain, which will soon serve as the newest hotspot for social searching. The website's tag line, “With Tulalip you can Find what you need and Share what you know easier than ever,” leads me to believe that Bing will be heavily integrated into Microsoft's social network. What about those Facebook and Twitter "sign in" fields? Microsoft does not seem to be positioning itself to go head to head with the two largest social networks; a light personal experience with an emphasis on Finding and Sharing can be expected (which is where Bing will come in handy).

Not much else is known about Microsoft's social network, but you can expect us to share the details as soon as more information is revealed.

What do you all think about Microsoft jumping into the social scene?

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