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Last week, Nokia revealed a video that was “supposed” to be intended for developers, but made its way to the consumer side thanks to All About Phones.  The video was created to inform developers about Nokia’s “Stunning New Hardware” and “Dynamic Microsoft OS”.  While the information in the developer video is nothing new to the public, the video is said to feature a Nokia 900 phone that has not yet reached the hands of consumers.  Many are speculating as to what phone it could be and sources purport the device to be a Lumia 900, sporting a massive 4.3″ screen (compared to the Lumia 800), but nothing is certain at this point.  As of now, we have little information about the device’s hardware features although more may be revealed at this year’s CES event in January.  At least we know Microsoft and Nokia are following through with their commitment to provide a wide range of powerful Windows Phone devices.

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