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comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world, recently posted a press release on their website that outlined a US study they conducted in their Mobile Retail Adviser report about mobile retail usage. Mobile retail usage has been a hot subject this past year, with the National Retail Federation launching their Mobile Retail Initiative to help retailers enter the mobile space; allowing retailers to strengthen the customer relationship, retain competitive pricing and ensure a synonymous online and offline retail experience.

The results of the mobile retail report shows that 38 percent of smartphone users have made at least one purchase during the course of their device ownership. “Fueled by smartphone adoption, mobile is becoming a central part in the shopping funnel for many consumers,” said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president for mobile. The fact that there are 90 million smartphone users in the U.S., shows retailers that do not have a well-planned mobile strategy are at risk of losing a massive sector of customers. Over 30 percent of smartphone users made their mobile purchase while in a physical brick and mortar retail space, which shows that many people are probably using their mobile devices as real-time price comparison tools. While the types of products purchased by mobile devices was a little less impressive than the amount of people purchasing products in a physical retail location, the survey does offer insight on the types of industries that should consider a comprehensive mobile retail plan.

Types of Products Purchased by Smartphone Buyers
Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 18+
Source: Custom Mobile Retail Advisor Survey Sep. 2011
Type of Products Purchased on Smartphone % of Smartphone Buyers
Digital purchases (i.e., songs/music, eBooks, ringtones, images, movies, TV shows, etc.) 47%
Clothing or accessories directly from retailer 37%
Tickets (i.e., concerts, movies, theatrical productions, sporting events, etc.) 35%
Daily deals 34%
Gift certificates 34%
Electronics (i.e., television, computer) 32%
Food (not grocery) for delivery or pick up (ex., pizza, Chipotle) 31%
Hotel stays 29%
Books (physical copies) 26%
Car rentals 24%
Airplane tickets 24%
Flowers 21%
Sports/Fitness 19%
Auto 13%


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