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Today Nissan North America changed the way consumers interact with cars in dealership showrooms. IdentityMine and digital agency Critical Mass celebrate the launch of the fully immersive Nissan Pathfinder Experience, utilizing Kinect for Windows. Originally, Kinect was used to enhance the Xbox 360 gaming system; now Kinect can be applied to a variety of consumer interactions. The debut is center stage at the Chicago Auto Show, the largest auto show in North America, and includes a massive interactive display. Participants can virtually navigate through the interior of the Nissan Pathfinder by interacting with the Kinect for Windows console, using hand motions to direct the experience.

Mark Brown, CEO, IdentityMine, explains, "The addition of Kinect for Windows literally transforms the way people engage and interact with computers using natural input including voice and physical body movements. This virtual showroom experience promises to elevate and enable a new breed of vehicle simulation experiences that will allow design concepts to be explored virtually—even before the car is in production.”

Automotive enthusiasts can enjoy discovering the ins-and-outs of a car before it goes into production. This Kinect for Windows interactive experience is bridging the gap between next-generation technology and the automotive consumer. You can read the entire Press Release on the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch.

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