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Windows 8 was downloaded over 1 million times in the first 24 hours the beta version was made available. With the massive buzz over Windows 8, this did not come as a surprise to the family at IdentityMine, as we have been an early adopter of the new operating system (Win8 applications are being designed and developed as I type). There are five key features that make this operating system extremely compelling to the consumer and enterprise world:

  1. Integration of touch
  2. Keyboard and mouse control
  3. The all new Windows 8 application store
  4. Cloud services that link PCs and Windows Phone
  5. New hardware compatibilities

Our own Laurent Bugnion, Microsoft MVP, says the following in his blog post The Gestures of Windows 8 where he outlines key features of the preview.  “You can use your fingers to work the gestures, but you can also use keyboard/mouse and never have to touch your screen”.

Windows 8 may be the most important launch in Microsoft history as it marks the beginning of Windows Phone, PC, and tablet synergy. Microsoft is now moving towards a more unified vision of the future, as displayed by Craig Mundie at TechForum and Julie Larson-Green at the Mobile World Congress. Having one centric Metro design is the last piece to the Microsoft puzzle that aligns every facet of the Redmond-based enterprise.

One of the most compelling parts of Windows 8 is the Windows Store. This retail store follows the Metro style that allows for easy browsing and viewing on your Xbox 360. While there is not an official timeline for the release of Windows 8, it is expected to be released sometime in the fall.

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