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Do you ever feel like you need more time in the day to get everything done? If you have this problem, you may be a very busy person or you may just not be managing your time well. I’m a major proponent for using calendars and sticky notes on computers and smartphones.  I’m also able to sync and set alarms for important dates and notes on a mobile device that’s always on my side. However, sometimes I feel that I have so many notes and important dates that they get lost in my calendar application.

There is a pretty slick new app on the Windows Phone Marketplace that allows you to replace the standard calendar tile with a tile that maximizes the limited space on your start screen. AppoinTile displays up to 4 upcoming appointments, calendar, and the days date which brings everything you need into one optimized tile.

Let’s Take a Look at What You Get

  • Live tiles showing up to 4 upcoming appointments
  • 42-day dynamic calendar with markers on days having activity
  • Summary count of the appointments you have today
  • Automatic syncing with your phone calendar
  • Customizable layout both for front and back of tiles
  • Appointments filtering/hiding


The most recent update supports any calendar, including Exchange and Office 365, and allows offline syncing. In all, this app really gets down to business and is sure to offer a one stop shop for the person on the go.


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