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So what exactly is a UX Designer? It’s one of those roles that are often cloaked in mystery in the software and application development world to those who don’t eat and breathe programming code for a living.  Their job is to design an experience starting from the interface, graphics, physical interaction, etc. and incorporate that into a cohesive design with careful attention paid to the end user’s experience. Today their job has become much more complex as technology has advanced to provide endless possibilities in the world of design.

Layer this technical wonderland of possibility with today’s more sophisticated and demanding user with increasingly higher expectations who are constantly engaging with new technology in every form possible from their laptop to tablet to mobile phone.  It’s no easy job and requires a demanding skillset, immensely creative yet analytical brain and killer sense of efficiency and flow.  Kung fu skills are optional but come in handy for the truly skilled UX masters.

IdentityMine has a full staff of experienced and skilled UX developers and designers that strive every day to create the best, highly relevant and effective applications for their clients. User Experience (UX) is something we deal with all the time, but are only aware of it, as users, when it isn’t good (translation = frustrating).  So who is the person that creates the experiences that we (consumers) love? Watch this fun, short video and take a peek at who a UX designer is.

IdentityMine is a leading UX design firm that has helped many Fortune 500 companies develop a mobile presence and improve their existing applications. We are always on the lookout for new trends, technologies and cutting edge applications and are very forward thinking when it comes to developing and designing for the next wave of technology. Have a design problem? Let IdentityMine fix it.


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