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In our last post we talked in some detail about user experience design (UXD or UED), the Design Method and how the method differs from the process.  In this post we’ll spend a little time talking about that often elusive creative process and getting those creative juices flowing to get a great result.

How to get the creative juices flowing?

There are a multitude of techniques people use to get their creative juices flowing.  Some fiddle with a Rubik’s Cube, others look for inspiring shapes in the clouds and others scour the marketplace looking inspiration by studying where other systems have failed or left users wanting more.  Being in no way, shape or form a designer myself, I recently picked up a book called Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills to help me effectively understand the design process.

Read This Book!!

Having the ability to effectively convey and integrate your thoughts with a design team is a great still to have no matter what business environment you are in.  This is particularly important when you have a design team or design element in-house or as a strategic partner such as IdentityMine. Without the knowledge of design process/method and the ability to effectively convey it, it will be hard for the design team to understand how to connect the business with the design.

Creative Workshop is a straightforward read and can ease you into the design method while getting your mind thinking like a veteran designer. It puts you through a very regimented and strict process to inspiration. At first it may seem like a strict process will restrict you blocking out inspiration. However, if you are anything like me, I found it extremely helpful and pertinent as I tend to start thinking about too many solutions to a problem.

Instead, the method shows you a way to force yourself to grasp onto one idea and hash that out before thinking about the others. This process absolves us from wasting time and the problem of getting half way through a solution before we wander on to the next. This discovery has helped me with expediting the process of idea generation and solution processes and I hope you will find it helpful as well.

Real designers have an inspiration button right?

While this may or may not be true, once you define the avenue in which the solution can be met, it will become much easier to follow that path to the end – don’t wait for inspiration, create it! The importance of understanding the method and process behind design is paramount to the success of any application development, design firm, and in our case, an interactive/user experience development company.

At IdentityMine, we have a team of expert designers and a top-notch team of business-minded leaders who work together tirelessly to create cutting-edge ,effective products for our clients that fit their business goals and design needs. Whether our clients want to improve sales or expand their reach, intuitive design plays a critical role in meeting these goals. We have a clear design method that we follow which allows us to arrive at a solution quickly – this is because we always have a deadline to meet!

Remember, my thoughts are not meant to sway you towards any type of design thinking, but I would like you, especially you marketing and middle management readers, to think more about design when tackling solution processes. And remember, IdentityMine is always here to help!

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