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You have heard the saying “measure twice, cut once” but what about “code once, deploy everywhere”?  Maybe not… at least not yet. One of the most important advantages to HTML5 is its cross-platform capability allowing developers to write HTML5 code and deploy it across multiple devices and screen sizes. Many of the unnecessary element attributes in the former HTML language have been downsized to get rid of the hassle of copying code to bring the application to other computers and devices eliminating hundreds of lines of code and saving development time and money.

Does IdentityMine work with HTML5? (Yes, we do!)

At IdentityMine, because our main focus has primarily been in Silverlight, WPF, and XAML development, we didn’t expect that we would be immediately investing in HTML5 technology. Lo and behold, one year later, here we are with HTML5 experts sitting in our offices developing the latest and greatest apps. As we speak (okay, as we type), IdentityMine is making serious investments into HTML5, working on adding the language to our massive bag of design and development tricks. Companies are asking us to build applications using the cross-platform language because it will offer the best bang-for-the-buck in both the short and long term; expertly designed and engineered applications are not cheap to produce.

Getting down to brass tacks

HTML5 code is simplified and does away with all of the excess code that previous HTML versions needed to run but hasn’t added a ton of features yet. The site says it best, “Picking HTML5 now with its limited advantages, even with a very basic redesign, will make way for you to reap many more advanced options in the future as HTML5 further evolves.”

HTML5 is already on par, if not more advanced than CSS and Java. And while CSS and Java have already matured, HTML5 will allow us to do things that CSS and Java would never allow web/app developers to do. Since HTML5 is cross platform compatible, companies can easily bring their applications to market in tablet, desktop and mobile user interfaces. HTML5 will be part of the next-gen roadmap to create robust applications that do away with plug-ins and enable video and audio to be directly imbedded. Applications will run faster without excess code, and locally cached information will allows them to be used without a network connection. Offline application connections take the load off the network and hosting servers, allowing them to run much faster and fast apps make for happy users.

Are you still unsure that HTML5 is the future of application and web development? Check these top brands that have already utilized the fresh, new markup language.

HTML5 is a technology that developers should pay close attention to and realize that it will bring a new light to web and application development. Stay tuned for top technologies beyond HTML5.

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