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What did Popular Mechanics predict?

Shop by Picture Phone! aka Smartphone

In the 1950's, Popular Mechanics had their predictions for the future of retail figured out… well at least what they thought it would look like. They predicted that shopping by picture phone would be available by the year 2000 and they weren't too far off.  Although their predictions of eating from sawdust were a little farfetched.

Today we have multiple ways to let us shop and connect from the comfort of our own home by using home, mobile phone and even game systems like the Kinect.  These devices enable us to buy or engage with nearly anything we desire - from cars to clothes to food and entertainment.  The digital space offers it all.  New platforms like Kinect for Windows not only offer an interface enabling users to naturally communicate with the technology, but also allow its users to easily navigate and interact as consumers in nearly infinite ways.

In today’s tech era, the transition from the brick and mortar environment to the digital space is easy for many consumers. Marrying digital and physical interactions will increase the way consumers identify with a brand and will bring that brand closer to home with the consumer. As a matter of fact, you may be interested to know that IdentityMine has been working on many retail applications utilizing mobile and Kinect devices (check out a cool example here!).

The environment that consumers interact in is the single most important part of the consumer experience.  Yesterday's one-size-fits-all retail paradigm is continuing to shift to a more personalized consumer experience. Retailers need to work towards bringing the products and the retail experience closer to the consumer through a multi-channel retail solution to be competitive.

If you are looking for some direction, assistance with strategy or just want to wax the philosophical on this topic, remember, IdentityMine is here to answer all of your retail solution questions.


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