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It seems that everyone is focused on mobile these days and, as an industry, mobile is definitely changing the way that we live.  Surprisingly, until now there has been very little study on emerging mobile behaviors - particularly from a user experience standpoint.  Foolproof, a UK-based firm, recently released their Going Mobile 2012 report to help us gain some deeper insights into how people behave.

Here are a few highlights of their mobile user experience report that will give you a glimpse of what they found:

  1. Unlike their other devices, consumers have a strong sense that their smartphone is ‘alive’ and an extension of their own body and personality. There is very real affection between some users and their phone.
  2. Despite the phone being an essential everyday tool, there’s still a sense of excitement and expectation about how services will develop – and how these will change the user’s life still further.
  3. For many, their phone and tablet offer a sense of freedom and renewed control over their life.
  4. Consumers describe feeling closer to, and more personally involved with brands who create valued mobile apps and services.
  5. Unused and unloved apps don’t routinely get deleted, but persist as a reminder of a failed promise by the brand that created them.
  6. Consumers are already showing sophisticated shopping behaviors that weave usage of phones, tablets and desktop PCs into the purchase decision process. This includes the merging of the physical and digital worlds in the shopping journey.
  7. There’s a security paradox: consumers have aheightened sense of security and privacy risks, but avoid using services which have complicated or difficult security processes.

We find number five particularly alarming and serves as another reminder of why it is so important to make intelligent, strategic decisions when developing a mobile app.  And particularly the importance of choosing the right partner like IdentityMine to bring your vision to life!

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Mobile is changing the way we live

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