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We’re always working on amazingly cutting edge stuff here at IdentityMine and the Nissan Pathfinder Kinect for Windows Experience is one of our favorites.  The work we did to create the impressive virtual Pathfinder debut at the Chicago Auto Show in February has been enhanced and is now live in 16 Nissan dealerships across the US.  How cool is that?

Check out some of the coverage we’ve gotten on the Kinect for Windows blog and Geekwire.  And of course click the video to watch it in action!

Curious as to how this project started?  When Nissan North America wanted to unveil the redesigned Pathfinder at the Chicago Auto Show they faced a problem – how to showcase a car whose primary allure was an upgraded interior with only a fiberglass shell.  They turned to digital agency Critical Mass and interactive experience developers IdentityMine to pioneer a fully immersive Nissan Pathfinder Experience utilizing Kinect for Windows.

The solution was a massive interactive display that allowed participants to virtually navigate through the interior of the car by interacting with the application using motion, voice and gestures to fully explore the car.  Nissan is currently expanding the Pathfinder Experience to dealerships nationwide and potentially into consumer’s living rooms as the future of the virtual showroom.

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3 Responses to “Nissan Pathfinder Kinect Virtual Showroom in 16 Dealerships”

    • Jackie

      Great question! I know three off the top of my head, two in Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh East Nissan, West Hills in Moon Township PA and Rosen Nissan in Milwaukie WI. Where are you located and I’ll see if there is one in your neck of the woods to check out!

    • Jackie


      Sorry for the delay in getting you the full list of dealerships. Here you go and I hope that you can find one close to you so you can experience it firsthand! Or just visit us in our Seattle waterfront offices to take it for a spin.

      Avondale Nissan, Avondale AZ
      Downey Nissan, Downey CA
      Edison Nissan, Edison NJ
      Ehrlich Nissan, Greeley CO
      Fenton Nissan West, Oklahoma City OK
      Hudson Nissan, North Charleston SC
      Maroone Nissan of Miami, Miami FL
      Nissan of Elk Grove, Elk Grove CA
      Pittsburgh East Nissan, Pittsburgh PA
      Rosen Nissan, Milwaukee WI
      Rt 46 Nissan, Totowa NJ
      Tonkin Nissan, Wilsonville OR
      Trophy Nissan, Mesquite TX
      United Nissan, Las Vegas NV
      West Hills Nissan, Moon Township PA
      Woodbury Nissan, Woodbury NJ

      Again, thanks for checking it out-we’re really proud of this project!

      Jackie Kmetz
      Marketing Director


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