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That's right!  We've moved into some swanky new digs 8 blocks north in downtown Seattle.  This has been a busy week for the IdentityMine Seattle office as we settle in and unpack all without skipping a beat on our current projects.  We couldn't have done it without our amazing Lori at the office who wears a lot of hats and has a warm smile to go with each and every one of them.  She is truly amazing and made the process a breeze!  So where exactly did we end up?  Take a look!

That's us on the 3rd floor of the building with the yellow arrow pointing to it with a lovely view of the Puget Sound.  It is a phenomenal location and of course we are spoiled by this being the perfect time of year to move to the Seattle waterfront.  We are across the street from the piers on the waterfront with plenty of interesting lunchtime and after work entertainment at Ye Old Curiosity Shop, the Carousel Wheel and of course the giant Seattle Ferris Wheel.  If we go the other way we have the fun of Post Alley that takes us 2 blocks up to Pike Place Market.  It's so much fun to be a tourist in your own city!

Come visit us when you have the chance and we'll give you the whirlwind tour!!

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2 Responses to “IdentityMine Seattle Headquarters Has Moved!”

  1. Kelps Leite de Sousa

    Nice place! Back in 2011 I stayed in downtown Seattle for 3 days before the MVP Summit and I went to the Pike Place Market every single day. Loved it! I’ll be there again this year for the //BUILD/ conference and I might take your tour offer ;)


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