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Have you heard the news?  Consumer attention spans, or at least time where you have their undivided attention, is disappearing quickly.  Did you know that nearly a quarter of people (24%) use a second screens while watching TV?  And almost half of all 16-24 year olds use communication tools such as messaging, email, Facebook, or Twitter to discuss what they are watching on TV.  That’s the finding from a recent survey by Deloitte which interviewed 2,000 UK respondents aged 16 and older about their viewing habits and the use of second screens.

In the US, according to Pew Research, just over half of all adult cell owners (52%) have used their phones for entertainment and interaction while watching TV.  What is more fascinating about this statistic is the fact that only one in ten of those people are browsing the Internet for information about they show they are watching.  Of course these reports point out that second screening isn’t really a new behavior since people have always looked for other distractions while watching TV.

So, what does this mean?  If you are a network television station or cable company, you might find it a little depressing.  But if you are pretty much any other company, particularly one who advertises or could have branded tie-in opportunities, then this second screen usage presents a lot of potential.  The potential to drive action from one digital medium to another and, ultimately, improve your bottom line.


And it’s not just television watching that is opening up doors of possibility with second screens. . . have you heard about the Microsoft’s Xbox Smart Glass?  Check out the video above to see how creative the second screen technologies are getting with the Xbox and it’s more than just gaming.  The opportunities for broadcasters and advertisers to become a  part of the discussion on second screens, drive traffic to key sites and serve as information portals are incredible.

Do you have a strategy in place to capitalize on the second screen?  Or multiple screens if you consider the number of tablets, smartphones and laptops in consumer living rooms!  If you would like to discuss the possibilities and create a game plan with the existing and emerging technologies, give IdentityMine a call!  We’ve been working with this technology since the beginning and have developed and worked on some extremely creative and effective solutions.

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