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In a survey commissioned by Rackspace, over 2,000 smartphone and tablet owners were questioned about their attitudes towards various aspects of mobile commerce.  They found that mobile is helping to drive an increase in impulse buying, particularly for clothes and music.  But the results also showed that security concerns remain high and a main reason for consumers holding back from embracing mobile commerce.

The report found that just 40% of respondents make purchases using their device, meaning that there is still a large amount of growth potential among the current audience of smartphone and tablet owners.

Interestingly, 17% of respondents said that mobile devices have increased their impulse purchases with the majority (71%) of those folks citing the simplicity of the buying process as the primary reason for the increase.  27% actually prefer shopping with smartphones and tablets to shopping in the actual store.

Do you think that smartphones and tablets are revolutionizing the way that people shop and interact with companies?

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