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Cocktail Party "Techie Term" of the WeekWelcome to our new regular blog feature – our Cocktail Party Techie Term of the Week!  Here at IdentityMine we have a lot of brainy folks, in a number of disciplines, who are always hard at work making some of the coolest and most cutting-edge applications on the market.  Sitting amidst all of the brainy action we hear a lot of technical terms tossed about that would make anyone sound uber-cool when dropped at a cocktail party. . . as long as you know what they mean.  Maybe one of these will come in handy for you!

This week’s techie term:  BSDF

BSDF stands for Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function.  It is a set of algorithms that describe how light interacts with various material types. The BSDF contains all the parameters needed to create many different types of materials, ranging from clear glass to sandblasted glass, plastics, metals and translucent materials such as skin, porcelain, and wax.

How does IdentityMine use BSDF in our work?  A great example is in our Nissan Pathfinder Kinect for Windows project where we painstakingly recreated an entire virtual version of the vehicle to allow people to experience the virtual version of the car long before a real one was available to touch, feel and test drive.  The beauty of the light shining on the glossy surface of the car, the depth and realism of color and highlighting of the Pathfinder’s sleek lines are brought to life using BSDF.

Warning:  There is a Beet Sugar Development Foundation (BSDF).  Be careful not to get the two confused while sipping an Appletini at your next cocktail party.

This week’s term inspiration comes to us courtesy of IdentityMine’s own Howard Schargel our Lead Immersion Architect.  Thanks Howard!

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