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Kinect for Windows SDK Update

Kinect for Windows SDK Update is ready to download

If you didn’t get the news on Monday, Microsoft Kinect for Windows released its SDK update and launched the sensor in China. Developers and business leaders around the world are just beginning to realize what’s possible when the natural user interface capabilities of Kinect are made available for commercial use in Windows environments.The full list of features in the SKD update are listed in the Kinect for Windows Blog.  The main benefit is that it gives developers more powerful sensor data tools and better ease of use, while offering businesses the ability to deploy in more places. The updated SDK includes extended sensor data access, improved developer tools and greater support for operating systems.

So what does this mean for developers?

The Kinect for Windows Team interviewed Engineering Manager Peter Zatloukal and Group Program Manager Bob Heddle about this very question.  The short answer according to Bob is, “because they can do more stuff and then deploy that stuff on multiple operating systems!”

But there’s a lot more to their answer.  The four basic reasons that Peter calls out to push folks to upgrade to the most recent version are:

  1. More sensor data are exposed in this release
  2. It’s easier to use than ever (more samples, more documentation)
  3. There’s more operating system and tool support (including Windows 8, virtual machine support, Microsoft Visual Studio 012 and Microsoft .NET Framework4.5)
  4. And it supports distribution in more geographical locations

Read more of their discussion here.

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