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It’s time for another round of our Cocktail Party Techie Term of the Week! This week’s techie term is SDK.Cocktail Party "Techie Term" of the Week

SDK stands for Software Developer Kit and is also referred to as a “devkit”.  It is typically a set of software development tools that include things like a compiler, debugger, profiler, GUI designer, and more, that allows for the creation of applications for a particular software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, video game console, operating system or similar platform.

Software developers use this kit to get the tools and guidelines necessary to create applications for the platform.  You can find examples of applications on any mobile device or tablet.  Do you have the Facebook app on your phone?  Facebook’s developers used the SDK for your phone’s operating system platform to develop an app that would work on your phone.

You may have read our blog post from earlier this week talking about the new Kinect For Windows SDK release and what it means for developers.  SDK’s and the adoption of their updates are a very important part of the success of a platform’s success because in today’s mobile, gaming and operating system marketplace, having a store full of fun, entertaining and useful applications to download to your device can make or break the platform.

How does IdentityMine use SDK’s in our work?  Well we use them every day on all kinds of platforms to make engaging and effective applications for our well-known clients on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 (yeah, we know, they aren’t even out yet but we’ve been working on apps for them for quite some time!), Windows Phone, Xbox, Kinect for Windows, PixelSense and many more.  Check out our services to learn more about what else we do!

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