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Beyond Touch: What’s Next for Computer Interfaces?

Will our bodies be the next device?

Have you ever thought about what's next?  No, we're not talking about an afterlife, but rather what will be that next step be that moves us beyond touch interactions when it comes to operating devices.  Michael Keller wrote a very interesting article for after talking to some brilliant and inventive minds from Tufts University and Carnagie Mellon's Human Computer Interaction Institute.  They bring up the Microsoft Kinect which is near and dear to our IdentityMine hearts.  Take a look:

It’s anybody’s guess what our interaction with computers will look like in the coming years. Will we still be poking and pinching tiny touchscreens to sort through party pictures from the previous night? How far off until we see holographic gesture interfaces like Tom Cruise used in Minority Report? And when will we finally retire that ancient crumb-crammed keyboard and dirty fingerprint-flecked mouse?

A variety of ideas for how people will communicate with and through computers have been in the works for years, though only a few have matured beyond the drawing board. But with the conceptually and commercially huge move to touch interfaces on smartphones and tablets, innovators are looking for what’s next.

“In the human-computer interaction community, the general notion we’re working under is reality-based interfaces,” says Dr. Robert Jacob, a Tufts University computer science professor studying brain-computer interfaces. “We’re trying to design what is intuitive in the real world directly into our interaction with computers.”  Read the full article...

Let us know your thoughts after you read it.  What do you think will be the next computer interface method?


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