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Another happy customer

Who wouldn't want to increase customer spending? A new survey from Oracle points to the importance of customers having positive experiences while shopping online, demonstrating that price alone is not the key to beating the competition. Getting the basics of customer services standard pays off more than “service extras”.

In a survey of over 1,400 online shoppers who had recently been contacted by customer service departments, the top item that total respondents focused on was improving the overall experience. Second was that businesses work to ensure that questions can be easily asked and information made accessible before making purchases.

Despite new customer service channels like social media and live chat, 37% of customers are still contacting businesses primarily by phone, followed by 22% utilizing email communications. All of this points to the need to have a truly effective multi-channel strategy for customer service.

So what does this mean to your mobile strategy?  Well just as with your traditional e-store experience, creating a positive, user-friendly, visually attractive but information accessible mobile site or shopping app is key.  Not sure if your app is optimized to tap into that 40% more of consumer dollars?  Give us a call and we’ll take a look.

It's only a race to the top for businesses who want to optimize customer experiences online.

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