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Guess it’s time for that vacation!

Do you remember back when the functionality of web sites and software came in only a one-size-fits-all approach? Those days are long past, with customization being the new standard. As thousands of users begin to use the same services, each approaches with many different goals, requiring increased product functionality. However, by designers attempting to satisfy the needs of all users, they often are not satisfying the needs of any one user.

User Interface Engineering describes a persona as a profile of a typical user where it is a description of an archetype user is created from a series of interviews, behavior evaluation, and research with real people and including a social history and a set of common goals that then drive the design of the product or web site. Therefore, designs can reach many more users, one for each major group of key personas. Frequently personas discuss (or consider) all potential touchpoints.

Are you interested in creating or updating your applications to better target users but aren’t sure how to get started? Having trouble tapping into the target market that your business is the most interested in? Contact us to see some examples of the work that we’ve done for others and to have us take a look at what you’re working on.

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