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Emotions, emotions, emotions!

When performing interaction design, it is vitally important for designers to be aware of key elements within their interfaces and designs that influence emotions in users. Interaction design, often shortened to IxD, is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.  It is heavily focused on satisfying the needs and desires of the people who will use the product.

Throughout the process of interaction design, designers must be aware of key aspects in their designs that influence emotional responses in target users. In today’s finicky and demanding consumer market, the need for products to convey positive emotions and avoid negative ones is critical to product success. Affective Interaction Design takes aspects of positive, negative, motivational, learning, creative, social and persuasive influences into consideration in how they shape the application.

One method that can help convey such aspects is the use of expressive interfaces. In software, for example, the use of dynamic icons, animations and sound can help communicate a state of operation, creating a sense of interactivity and feedback. Interface aspects such as fonts, color palette and graphical layouts can also influence an interface's perceived effectiveness. Studies have shown that affective aspects can affect a user's perception of usability. Using expressive interfaces, especially through dynamic logos, animations, sounds and other forms of feedback, can convey the sense of positive progress and interactivity.

If it's not easy to use and doesn't make sense, then the end user won't have a positive experience, no matter how robust the content is. Do you want us to make sure that the emotions and feelings that users have after interacting with your application are the right ones? Call us! We'd be more than glad to take a look. You might also be interested in looking at our portfolio to see some of our work with natural user interfaces.

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