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The Future of QR Codes

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Quick Response (QR) codes are popping up around retail spaces more and more these days. I once saw them as a gimmick, but after watching a video about how Tesco, a South Korean grocery store chain, grew their customer base by 76% by using QR codes, I am now a believer. Tesco replicated grocery shelves… Read more »

Simple Tips: Application Image Processing

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A lot of people are familiar with the WriteableBitmapEx project on Codeplex. I got an opportunity to use it in a recent project of mine, and although many of its functions are very helpful, I noticed a couple common image processing functions it was missing. It supports resizable blits (with bilinear filtering), flips, and rotates,… Read more »

Deep Dive MVVM at #MIX11

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IdentityMine Integrator and Microsoft MVP, Laurent Bugnion (@lbugnion) presented Deep Dive MVVM at MIX11 yesterday to a packed house.  The session was a follow up to Laurent’s MVVM presentation at MIX10 and was intended to answer some of the more common questions that Laurent received over the past year. Laurent’s posted code samples from his… Read more »

Greetings from Tuesday Night at #MIX11

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#ms_mix_v Greetings from day one at MIX11! Of course, it’s technically day two, but in Vegas, Midnight is still yesterday. Today’s running theme was solidly around the idea of native experiences, regardless of the development platform.  There is a lot of discussion around the impact that multiple browsers will have on the native experience. There… Read more »

Pointing at the Screen with Kinect

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IdentityMine UX Developer, Evan Lang, maintains a development blog worth reading here. Totally worth checking out! His latest entry details the gesture recognition library that he’s put together for Kinect.  Excerpt: To get an application to interpret the events directly, I implemented a focus model for controls very similar to keyboard focus. When you press… Read more »

Increasing Touch Surface

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@lbugnion offers keen insights into development for touch surfaces, including optimal screen size, using transparent backgrounds, and negative margins.  Check it out at his blog here! Excerpt: Remember to maximize the touch surface for your controls. Plan your design in consequence by reserving enough room around each control to allow their hit surface to be expanded… Read more »

Theming Tips for Windows Phone 7 #WP7

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Update: find sample code here: Adding themes to your mobile application can give the user more control over the UI beyond the default OS themes.  Here are some tips we learned when adding theme support. No Binding for Theme Support Since we are running on a phone, we didn’t use binding for our theme… Read more »

Greetings from Microsoft Shape

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Laurent Bignion met with a few hundred cohorts at the Microsoft Shape Conference in Zurich today – he was there to present the Windows Phone 7 work that we’ve done for Microsoft on behalf of Twitter, IMDb, and SBB.  He also provided some code samples – including the full WCF RIA Services Sample and the… Read more »

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