Windows Phone Devices Battle it Out in Dogfight

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New smartphones have been boring lately and new iterations of the iPhone have been rather blasé.  Windows Phone intends to change that and there are two recent additions to the Microsoft smartphone family that we are really impressed with (and many of us at IdentityMine actually use). The two phones I’m talking about are the… Read more »

Windows Phone NYC Mash-Up Video

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Uploaded today by the WindowsPhone Channel on Youtube was a video mash-up of the Microsoft’s marketing efforts for the Windows Phone in New York. They decided to create an actual six-story tall Windows Phone with working Live Tiles. People crowded the streets of Manhattan to watch “fruit-slashing ninja-action, a surprise gig by party-rockers Far East… Read more »

Nokia World – Day 1 Update

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Stephen Elop announced that the Nokia smartphones running Microsoft’s Mango OS will be the Lumia 800/710 will be launching today in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. These are the first of their kind running on the Windows Phone platform. The camera on the phones include a Carl Zeiss lens – we expect… Read more »

Nokia World 2011 is Coming – Announcing Windows Phone

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Come October 26-27, Nokia will host its Nokia World event where the new Windows Phones will be announced. Nokia states there will be “exciting surprises” – We want to know what they will be! There are rumors that multiple new phones will be announced, and that they will carry “differentiating hardware and software”, purported Andy… Read more »

IdentityMine in the News Again: Microsoft Mango

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Partner and co-founder of IdentityMine, Chad Brown, was quoted on Gulf News, elaborating on the Mango update to the Windows Phone. As new Windows Phones with Mango installed roll out, the opportunity for developers to become more creative is endless. Read the article HERE.

Superphones – Windows Phones You Will Drool Over

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It seems like there is never a shortage of smartphones on the market, especially with more manufactures opting to jump into the Windows Phone market. Although the previous lineup of Windows Phones have proved to be a bit lackluster, there are two new superphones about to hit the shelves (we’ll find out when September 1)… Read more »

5 from the Mine – It’s All Mobile

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Today we are here to bring you all things mobile; Applications, Mobile News, New Phones, and everything in between. Below are 5 things IdentityMine dug up from the never-ending black hole we call the internet, or simply, the “Mine.” Windows Phone Marketplace Climbs to 30,000 Apps – Marketplace accepting Mango submissions Congrats to Microsoft and… Read more »