Rene Schulte Named Nokia Developer Champion!

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Time for celebration!  Our own Rene Schulte, who has already been honored with the Microsoft MVP title, has just been named a member of Nokia Developer Champion, a recognition and reward program for top mobile developers worldwide. Every six months, Nokia Developer, the world’s largest dedicated mobile application developer community, invites outstanding members of the community… Read more »

Microsoft’s Apollo on Windows Phone

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Michael Halbherr, Executive Vice President for Location аnԁ Commerce, stated that the release of Microsoft’s Apollo on Windows Phone will be sometime between Q2 and Q3 in 2012. Along with revealing a proposed release date, Halbherr also stated that Apollo will be a “very different game” when compared to Windows Phone Mango, which alludes to… Read more »

Nokia Lumia 900 Revealed In Developer Video

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Last week, Nokia revealed a video that was “supposed” to be intended for developers, but made its way to the consumer side thanks to All About Phones.  The video was created to inform developers about Nokia’s “Stunning New Hardware” and “Dynamic Microsoft OS”.  While the information in the developer video is nothing new to the… Read more »

New Tablets Coming to the Market – Nokia Wants In

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Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, has been the center of attention of Microsoft and Windows Phone bloggers since the launch of the Nokia’s Lumia 710 and 800 Windows Phone handsets. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Stephen made a few remarks regarding Nokia’s plans to jump into the tablet market. “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming,”… Read more »

Nokia’s New Bendy Prototype Presented at Nokia World

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Nokia World is over and we are beginning to wrap our heads around what is to come of all the great new Nokia/Windows phones announced this week. Everything I saw was rather compelling; great looking phones, decent processing power, everything is now running mango – whats not to like? These are all phones we can… Read more »

Nokia World – Day 1 Update

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Stephen Elop announced that the Nokia smartphones running Microsoft’s Mango OS will be the Lumia 800/710 will be launching today in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. These are the first of their kind running on the Windows Phone platform. The camera on the phones include a Carl Zeiss lens – we expect… Read more »

Nokia World 2011 is Coming – Announcing Windows Phone

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Come October 26-27, Nokia will host its Nokia World event where the new Windows Phones will be announced. Nokia states there will be “exciting surprises” – We want to know what they will be! There are rumors that multiple new phones will be announced, and that they will carry “differentiating hardware and software”, purported Andy… Read more »