Laurent Bugnion Featured in MSDN Magazine for Windows 8

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IdentityMine’s own Laurent Bugnion, our European Senior Director and a Microsoft MVP, has just been published in the Microsoft journal for developers October issue of MSDN Magazine.  Here’s a snippet of his article, click here for the full piece and download the code sample he included:   Using the MVVM Pattern in Windows 8   |… Read more »

Microsoft Unveils NUads – Kinect Technology is on the Rise

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Gesture-based technology is starting to pop up in many facets of our everyday life; retail, enterprise, automotive, etc. Microsoft’s NUads will begin to air on Xbox Live this fall, utilizing the incredibly popular Kinect motion sensor. “NUads transform standard 30-second TV spots into engaging and actionable experiences using the power of voice and gesture controls… Read more »

Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8 Tablets This Monday

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Microsoft plans to break into the tablet market Monday, reportedly as a software vendor and as a hardware vendor. This marks the first self-branded Microsoft tablet, which is supposed to directly compete with Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android tablets. Microsoft will be holding a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday the 18th, and while… Read more »

Windows 8 Preview – Take the Jump

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To Metro or not to Metro that is the question. As we edge our way closer to the release of the official Windows 8, many of us must decide whether or not to make the jump to the much anticipated Microsoft OS. It is touted as the best of both worlds, in that it provides… Read more »

Windows 8 is a Home Run – Metro Design Brings it Home

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Windows 8 was downloaded over 1 million times in the first 24 hours the beta version was made available. With the massive buzz over Windows 8, this did not come as a surprise to the family at IdentityMine, as we have been an early adopter of the new operating system (Win8 applications are being designed… Read more »

On The Floor At CES

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We’ve got our troops on the floor at CES and they are ready to bring back all the juicy details. From the Mobile App Showdown to the Last Gadget Standing, CES was chock-full of enthusiastic developers and innovators ready to show why 2012 may be the biggest year yet for all things mobile. Be sure… Read more »

New Tablets Coming to the Market – Nokia Wants In

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Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, has been the center of attention of Microsoft and Windows Phone bloggers since the launch of the Nokia’s Lumia 710 and 800 Windows Phone handsets. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Stephen made a few remarks regarding Nokia’s plans to jump into the tablet market. “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming,”… Read more »

My Windows 8 Has Split Personalities

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I had dinner the other night with my good friend Josh Smith, and of course we started talking about Windows 8. Something he said was pretty much spot on: He said that Windows 8 feels as if it has split personalities. There are the WinRT “Metro-style” apps and there is the “classic” Desktop, which looks… Read more »

My thoughts about Build, Windows 8, WinRT, XAML and Silverlight

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Last week, Microsoft held their long awaited Build Windows (or simply “Build”) conference in Anaheim CA. About 5000 people packed the convention center to discover the latest version of the Windows operation system: Windows 8. This is a very major iteration (much more than the Windows Vista –> Windows 7 transition) (and also, it is… Read more »