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July 29, 2011

Windows 8 and the Future of Silverlight

IdentityMine drives innovation and passion for technology; as a Premier/Strategic partner to Microsoft; we were among the first to develop for Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Kinect, and Surface. It is an exciting time for developers and Microsoft as it prepares to move to a new Operating System (OS) with Windows 8. Why is it awesome? Windows 8 will run on an ARM processor and System on a Chip (SoC), which will allow scalability across form factors (yay tablets!). Microsoft plans to create a consistent User interface (UI) across all platforms (PC, Windows phone, XBOX).

At the WPC 11’ Conference, Microsoft’s Andy Lees stated, “You can have full PC compute power available in whatever form factor you like,” and, “We won’t have an ecosystem for PCs, and one for phones, and one for tablets — they’ll all come together.” Porting applications to different form factors can be simpler with HTML5 than Silverlight; so will developers who invested their careers in Silverlight embrace HTML5 because it is more responsive when it comes to porting applications to multiple Windows form factors?

Microsoft made it clear that Windows 8 will run applications using HTML5 and JavaScript, while stating nothing about Silverlight. That’s not to say that Silverlight is out of the picture; Microsoft has made it clear that there will be several ways to develop applications for the new Windows OS. Windows 8 tablets will have more development options, allowing for more robust applications, as well as cross platform capabilities.

IdentityMine is heavily invested in Silverlight, although we are technology agnostic (check out the technologies we work with here). It seems Microsoft is hinting at a paradigm shift in the way we will develop for Microsoft products; user experience software application development companies like us are anxious to hear more about the future of Silverlight for Windows 8. We don’t believe the shift will be as black and white as some make it out to be. We don’t see it as HTML5 or Silverlight – We believe there’s plenty of need for both technologies.

Do you question the push for HTML5 and Java Script development? Do you think investing in HTML5 will grow your business?

IdentityMine would love to hear from you!

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June 29, 2011

Foodspotting for Windows Phone launches

IdentityMine has earned a reputation for building killer mobile applications, and we’re very excited to announce the release of our latest effort, Foodspotting.

Foodspotting began in 2009 when co-founders Alexa Andrzejewski, Ted Grubb, and Soraya Darabi realized that while there were many restaurant review applications, there was no easy way to find or rate specific dishes.

Food Spotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. This virtual road map to the best food in town allows users to use the GPS on the Windows Phone to pinpoint the restaurants exact location. Users can bookmark food that they want to try as well as search the Foodspotting database to look up restaurants or food by category. Users take pictures of favorite foods and submit them to the Foodspotting community.

Foodspotting is about finding the best food and restaurants in your area and sharing your experience with friends, family, and all food lovers alike.

Foodspotting needed to extend their brand to the Windows Phone platform, taking full advantage of the unique features that Windows Phone has to offer. Our team of user experience experts and mobile application developers worked hand-in-hand with Foodspotting to produce their Windows Phone application.


Foodspotting worked with IdentityMine to produce a mobile application for Windows Phone that made it fun to explore, discover, and share food items.

Check out the deliciousness:

Foodspotting for Windows Phone Foodspotting for Windows Phone Foodspotting for Windows Phone

Find it in the Zune marketplace here!

May 27, 2011

Mango Update – Silverlight Box Scrolling

We’ve been lucky enough to have access to phones with early versions of Mango installed for a little while now. We will continue to report on key improvements and impressions of the update. This post will present some of our findings regarding Silverlight Box Scrolling.

One  major improvements in performance in Mango for Windows Phone 7 is the Silverlight ListBox scrolling. This was often mentioned as a major pain point in many applications (John Zolezzi can attest how many hours were spent improving the scrolling in the Twitter application.)

Mango is solving the Silverlight ListBox Scrolling issue in a few ways:

  • Pictures are now decoded on a background thread (this had to be implemented manually in previous versions.)
  • User input is now executed on a background thread, which means that if an animation is running while a user interacts with the phone, the animation will not skip frames.

There are also other improvements to make the scroll action better. A side by side comparison using our Twitter application can be seen here.

The nice thing is that we do not need to do anything to get those improvements, they will be available to all pre-mango applications automatically.

May 23, 2011

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Update, Codename Mango is Almost Here

IdentityMine has been digging our teeth into Windows Phone 7 development since last year when we were asked to develop several WP7 applications for the platform’s release. We’re huge fans of Windows Phone, and we’ve been chomping at the bit to get our hands on the next wave of juicy updates, Codename “Mango”.  Mango for WP7 is designed to make users more productive, right out of the box. All new updates allow for deeper integration so developers can take advantage of Live Tiles and Metro UI.

Mango for Windows Phone 7 Continue reading ‘The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Update, Codename Mango is Almost Here’

May 18, 2011

New Balance Leverages IdentityMine NUI Expertise to Create a Microsoft Surface Experience at the Boston Marathon

IdentityMine worked with New Balance’s Digital Agency of Record, Almighty, to create a fun and engaging NUI interaction for Boston Marathon Expo visitors

New Balance took advantage their dominating presence at the 115th running of the Boston Marathon by showcasing an exciting new product with an interactive touch application developed by IdentityMine in partnership with Almighty. The application was built for Microsoft Surface using WPF.

Almighty New Balance Surface IdentityMine

Almighty New Balance Surface Screen IdentityMine

Almighty New Balance Boston Marathon Surface IdentityMine

The application featured a variety of engaging content surrounding the marathon, new product and advice on improving a runner’s form. Users were able to get an inside look into the development of New Balance product, get a local’s view into the Boston Marathon race, learn how to improve their running form and experience the “Let’s Make Excellent Happen” marketing campaign first hand; content also included interviews, images, videos, race-day details, spectator tips, local information, and in-depth runner tips.

“We wanted to create a unique branded experience that invites people to interact and play,” said Javier Roca, IdentityMine’s Creative Director.  In just three days our expert UX designers team, were able to deploy our methodology to get familiarized with the target users and the brand. We then developed user flows and detailed design specifications that allowed us to deliver an innovative, usable solution that help build strong relationships between potential customers and New Balance.

Erik Pelletier, VP Digital Engagement at Almighty, adds, “The Surface was positioned next to a try-on wall of the 890, New Balance’s lightest-in-class neutral cushioning shoe. We were thrilled to see how many people tried on the shoes after interacting with 890 Surface content, which included behind the scenes insight into the product’s design and development and lighthearted comparisons of the shoe’s weight to everyday objects.”

Pelletier adds, “IdentityMine has proven to be a quick and agile partner. They did an exceptional job taking our content and helping us translate that into a very useful and tactile experience for our users using the Surface table.”

IdentityMine was pleased to be a part of the New Balance “Let’s Make Excellent Happen” campaign, which aims to motivate runners to reach new levels of personal performance.