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May 25, 2011

@lbugnion Brings you Mango from the Trenches via galasoft

We’ve already posted some details about our Mango updates to the IMDb application, which were unveiled at MIX11.  Our own beloved Integrator, @lbugnion, dives into the steps that were taken to add a new Live Tile on Windows Phone 7 on his personal blog. You owe it to yourself to check out his insights if you are a software developer working with Windows Phone 7.

Here’s a taste:

Very important: The pictures used for the live tile must be 173×173 pixels PNG or JPG, and added to the project with the Build Action set to Content. To change this, select the images in the Solution Explorer, press F4 to display the Properties and then change the Build Action to Content, and the “Copy to Output Directory” property to “Copy if Newer”.

Visit Laurent’s blog to get the full story! If you’ve had a chance to work with the new Mango features and would like to share your story on the IdentityMine blog, let us know in the comments.

April 19, 2011

Using Kinect for NUI Part 1

IdentityMine has been experimenting with the best approaches to produce a good User Experience (UX) on Kinect – specifically ways that users might interact with a software application GUI, as opposed to playing games. The software development industry is enthusiastically grappling with this issue.  Last week about 2500 software developers got a boost from Microsoft when they distributed free Kinect sensors to every attendee at the MIX11 conference in Las Vegas.The Kinect gaming experience is pure Natural User Interface (NUI), relying on voice and gesture to interact with the application.

This is the first post of a 5-post series that will dive into User Interface considerations when developing a software applications using gesture and Kinect sensors.

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April 13, 2011

Greetings from #MIX11, Wednesday Edition


Wow – the keynote session today was a complete shift compared to the day one kickoff.  The sense in the crowd was that the HTML5 content from day one felt like a sales pitch, whereas the Silverlight and Windows Phone content from day two was a revelation.  Silverlight received some much needed attention, and the developer tools coming out for Windows Phone 7 was enthusiastically accepted.

The updated emulator in action

Microsoft explained the delays in Windows Phone updates (manufacturer issues; cautious decision-making), showcased the new emulator, which includes 3D modeling to test the accelerometer as well as testing tools for location-based applications. You can see video of the Windows Phone 7 demos from today’s MIX session here, courtesy of Channel 9. Continue reading ‘Greetings from #MIX11, Wednesday Edition’

April 13, 2011

Deep Dive MVVM at #MIX11

IdentityMine Integrator and Microsoft MVP, Laurent Bugnion (@lbugnion) presented Deep Dive MVVM at MIX11 yesterday to a packed house.  The session was a follow up to Laurent’s MVVM presentation at MIX10 and was intended to answer some of the more common questions that Laurent received over the past year.

Laurent’s posted code samples from his presentation on his blog here.  Check it out and make a social application of your very own!

You can also see Laurent in an interview with Channel 9 today at 1:45pt.

Laurent Bugnion dives into MVVM


April 13, 2011

Greetings from Tuesday Night at #MIX11


Greetings from day one at MIX11! Of course, it’s technically day two, but in Vegas, Midnight is still yesterday.

Today’s running theme was solidly around the idea of native experiences, regardless of the development platform.  There is a lot of discussion around the impact that multiple browsers will have on the native experience.

There is a notable lack of discussion about the interplay of HTML5 and Silverlight so far, so this topic is a lively source of debate in the hallways and over coffee among the attendees.  Tomorrow is going to include more Silverlight and mobile discussion – stay tuned for more on that front.  The truth is that the two technologies will very likely exist in harmony, but speculating about their compatibility is not nearly as fun as speculating about a mud pit death match.

I attended both an Azure session and @lbugnion’s Deep Dive MVVM session.

“What’s New in the Windows Azure Platform” was presented by James Conrad, and the session focused on Azure’s open and flexible structure. Azure is going to be free through January 1, 2012; and after that it will be offered at a low rate.  The low cost is the lure to using this new(ish) technology.  The demonstrations used in the sessoin will be available online soon (we’ll post an update when the time comes.)

Deep Dive MVVM was presented by @lbugnion to a completely packed house.  It was a code intensive session that was intended for advanced users of MVVM.  Laurent created a social application using data taken from friends in the dev community.  Laurent also tipped his hat that he is celebrating his 40th birthday tomorrow – I’m sure he’ll let you buy him a drink J

Laurent sent some love to IdentityMine by wearing his IdentityMine IM: Creative shirt.  He also showcased new MVVM 4 features such as ObservableObject and demonstrated use of Expression Blend to produce an application for Windows Phone 7.

A running theme in the conference was the importance of personal control of a digital experience – whether it’s facilitated by Silverlight or HTML5 (or any other platform, for that matter).  We are tasked with creating digital environments that allow for mass customization so that users can connect with a commonly understood brand or paradigm in a personalized way.

Stay tuned for more from MIX11 tomorrow.  You can follow IdentityMine on Twitter as we live tweet the keynotes and sessions, and the #MIX11 hashtag is definitely worth following.