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October 12, 2012

Rene Schulte Named Nokia Developer Champion!

Time for celebration!  Our own Rene Schulte, who has already been honored with the Microsoft MVP title, has just been named a member of Nokia Developer Champion, a recognition and reward program for top mobile developers worldwide. Every six months, Nokia Developer, the world’s largest dedicated mobile application developer community, invites outstanding members of the developer.nokia.com community to accept a one-year membership in this reward program. Each Nokia Developer Champion earns elevated professional status, sponsored access to Nokia technical services, and networking opportunities.

Congratulations on this well-earned award and Daron Yondem, one of  our other valuable IdentityMine employees, welcomes you to the Nokia Developer Champion club!

Rene Schulte - Nokia Developer Champion & Microsoft MVP

Rene Schulte – Nokia Developer Champion & Microsoft MVP

December 2, 2011

Microsoft’s Apollo on Windows Phone

Michael Halbherr, Executive Vice President for Location аnԁ Commerce, stated that the release of Microsoft’s Apollo on Windows Phone will be sometime between Q2 and Q3 in 2012. Along with revealing a proposed release date, Halbherr also stated that Apollo will be a “very different game” when compared to Windows Phone Mango, which alludes to the fact that this release will be very well aligned with Windows 8.

Back in June, a few Apollo features were leaked; Localization, an Inspiration Engine, One handed input, Next-gen soft keyboard, and Voice Typing but this is all still speculation. While there is no concrete list of features included in Microsoft’s Apollo on Windows Phone, Halbherr mentioned that he was working on convincing Microsoft to include Near Field Communications (NFC) and a “positioning network” which would align Windows Phone to work better with Navteq, Nokia’s navigation and location-based service solution. Nokia is getting a better hold on the Windows Phone market and is more tightly knitted with Microsoft’s Windows Phone teams, which will definitely help with deeper integration of proprietary applications on Nokia Windows Phones. In an interview with Tech Radar, Niklas Savander, Executive VP of Markets for Nokia, stated “When you look within the Windows Phone ecosystem and compare how the Lumia performs, there we have a contractual agreement with Microsoft for a certain amount of engineering which we can use for differentiation.” Nokia shied away from making their Lumia line of phones significantly different from other Windows Phones for fears of fragmenting the developer ecosystem. We will really see the differentiation Nokia brings to the Windows Phone market when Apollo is released.

November 30, 2011

Nokia Lumia 900 Revealed In Developer Video

Last week, Nokia revealed a video that was “supposed” to be intended for developers, but made its way to the consumer side thanks to All About Phones.  The video was created to inform developers about Nokia’s “Stunning New Hardware” and “Dynamic Microsoft OS”.  While the information in the developer video is nothing new to the public, the video is said to feature a Nokia 900 phone that has not yet reached the hands of consumers.  Many are speculating as to what phone it could be and sources purport the device to be a Lumia 900, sporting a massive 4.3″ screen (compared to the Lumia 800), but nothing is certain at this point.  As of now, we have little information about the device’s hardware features although more may be revealed at this year’s CES event in January.  At least we know Microsoft and Nokia are following through with their commitment to provide a wide range of powerful Windows Phone devices.

November 14, 2011

New Tablets Coming to the Market – Nokia Wants In

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, has been the center of attention of Microsoft and Windows Phone bloggers since the launch of the Nokia’s Lumia 710 and 800 Windows Phone handsets. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Stephen made a few remarks regarding Nokia’s plans to jump into the tablet market. “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming,” he said. “We see the opportunity. Unquestionably, that will change the dynamics” of the tablet market.

So far, Nokia has been quite successful with the launch of the Lumia 800 handset (Running Windows Phone Mango OS), gaining praise from many consumer electronics websites. If this former cell phone titan stays on track and delivers another unique product, they could position themselves as a tablet contender. Although Stephen did not give a concrete answer as to what Operating System the tablets would run on, he did mention that “The user experience of Windows 8 is essentially a supercharged version of the Nokia Lumia experience that you saw on stage today. And you see the parallels and opportunity for commonality from a user perspective.” This may be the only hint we need to bet that Nokia will power their tablets with Windows 8 (Read our blog about Windows 8 tablets here).

Hopefully we will hear more from Stephen about Nokia’s plan for their tablets, and I’m sure he will have a more concrete answer about the Operating System after the holidays.


November 2, 2011

ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor to Power Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Platforms

The Nokia/Microsoft partnership keeps pressing on as Nokia selects ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor platform to run their new Windows Phones. This new deal will enable Nokia to sell their phones at lower price points in new geographies. We haven’t heard what phones will run this new NovaThor platform, but we will be sure to inform you once the information is released.


ST-Ericsson’s Chief Executive Gilles Delfassy said the deal between Nokia and ST-Ericsson is for Nokia phones running Windows Phone 8. This means we will not see NovaThor powered phones in the near future.