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October 10, 2012

Laurent Bugnion Featured in MSDN Magazine for Windows 8

IdentitMSDN Magazine featuring an article by Laurent BugnionyMine’s own Laurent Bugnion, our European Senior Director and a Microsoft MVP, has just been published in the Microsoft journal for developers October issue of MSDN Magazine.  Here’s a snippet of his article, click here for the full piece and download the code sample he included:


Using the MVVM Pattern in Windows 8   | by Laurent Bugnion

Any programmer with previous experience in any of the XAML-based frameworks has probably at least heard of the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. Some have been using it extensively in all of their Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight or Windows Phone applications. Others have avoided it, either because they misunderstand what the pattern does, exactly, or because they don’t want to add what they see as a new level of complexity to their application…”   Read more


Laurent Bugnion, IdenittyMine, Microsoft MVP

June 20, 2012

Microsoft Unveils NUads – Kinect Technology is on the Rise

Gesture-based technology is starting to pop up in many facets of our everyday life; retail, enterprise, automotive, etc. Microsoft’s NUads will begin to air on Xbox Live this fall, utilizing the incredibly popular Kinect motion sensor. “NUads transform standard 30-second TV spots into engaging and actionable experiences using the power of voice and gesture controls of Kinect for Xbox 360,” stated Microsoft Advertising. Companies like Toyota, Samsung, and Unilever have already signed on to the NUads campaign which will mark the first of its kind.

Toyota will use the next Super Bowl to promote their Camry line of cars by interacting with the audience, in which they will be asked polling questions about the cars and the audience can give their answers via waving their hands or by shouting. This will give the company instant user-generated input on their car models and business decisions. Like Toyota, Unilever will be using a 15-20 second TV spot in the U.K. that will provide multiple choice questions for Lynx, the British version of AXE.


NUads will be the first of its kind, which will open up new opportunities for retailers and major brands to gain instantaneous user-generated input. The consumer will also get a real-time tally of the answers, so they can see how other Xbox Live users voted. This will be the first time television advertisements receive real-time feedback from its audience through gesture and voice integration. With the recent unveiling of Xbox Smart Glass, how do well do you think Microsoft is integrating advertising in their suite of products?

June 15, 2012

Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8 Tablets This Monday

Microsoft plans to break into the tablet market Monday, reportedly as a software vendor and as a hardware vendor. This marks the first self-branded Microsoft tablet, which is supposed to directly compete with Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android tablets. Microsoft will be holding a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday the 18th, and while the exact focus of the press conference has not been disclosed, reports have stated that Microsoft plans to unveil several Windows 8 tablets.


The fact that this press conference comes just days before the Windows Phone Developer Summit makes this press release a bit more interesting. What else do you think is in store for us this coming Monday?

May 30, 2012

Windows 8 Preview – Take the Jump

To Metro or not to Metro that is the question. As we edge our way closer to the release of the official Windows 8, many of us must decide whether or not to make the jump to the much anticipated Microsoft OS. It is touted as the best of both worlds, in that it provides an easy to use mobile-style interface with the power of a traditional PC. In recent years, Microsoft has made the jump to their newest OS easier on the consumer’s pocket, but this time the tech giant is charging a small fee ($14.99) for the upgrade. Is this an indicator of how revolutionary and how much more Microsoft has put into this OS?

All speculation aside, after seeing Windows 8 running on PCs as well as tablets, I am extremely impressed with how it looks and works. Microsoft is finishing up final build iterations including the ability to use a dual desktop setup, updated apps, and the ability to use the start menu while using an app on another screen. All of these new additions will help Windows 8 become the coolest looking and easiest to use Microsoft OS to date.

Fast Facts

  • There are over a billion Window PCs in current use, including over 525m Windows 7 licenses sold as of January 20, 2012
  • Over the last two years, there have been more Windows licenses sold than Android, iOS and Macs combined
  • Every Windows 7 PC can run Windows 8
  • Most Windows licenses are sold with a new PC
  • 3M+ downloads of Windows 8 Developer Preview
  • 1M+ downloads of Windows 8 Consumer Preview in the first 24 hours
  • A new Windows store

Right now, there are four versions of Windows 8 being released sometime later this year; Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro (for consumers), Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows 8 RT which is optimized for tablets and closely resembles the PC versions. Windows 8 runs perfectly on lower power hardware which is one of the better reasons for enterprise level and smaller businesses to use this OS.

It seems as though Microsoft really wants to change the consumer’s perspective of traditional operating systems and move towards a “sexyfied” OS. Microsoft stated that, “The world changes and moves forward. Windows will continue to change too, as it has throughout its 27-year history. Our vision for Windows 8 was to create a modern, fast and fluid user experience that defines the platform for the next decade of computing. One which upends the way conventional people think about tablets and laptops and the role of the devices they carry.”

Hopefully Microsoft’s vision of the perfect operating system aligns with ours and consumers ready to make the jump to the new OS.  If you haven’t had the chance to take Windows 8 for a spin, go to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/consumer-preview to download a consumer preview. Let us know what you think!

March 6, 2012

Windows 8 is a Home Run – Metro Design Brings it Home

Windows 8 was downloaded over 1 million times in the first 24 hours the beta version was made available. With the massive buzz over Windows 8, this did not come as a surprise to the family at IdentityMine, as we have been an early adopter of the new operating system (Win8 applications are being designed and developed as I type). There are five key features that make this operating system extremely compelling to the consumer and enterprise world:

  1. Integration of touch
  2. Keyboard and mouse control
  3. The all new Windows 8 application store
  4. Cloud services that link PCs and Windows Phone
  5. New hardware compatibilities

Our own Laurent Bugnion, Microsoft MVP, says the following in his blog post The Gestures of Windows 8 where he outlines key features of the preview.  “You can use your fingers to work the gestures, but you can also use keyboard/mouse and never have to touch your screen”.

Windows 8 may be the most important launch in Microsoft history as it marks the beginning of Windows Phone, PC, and tablet synergy. Microsoft is now moving towards a more unified vision of the future, as displayed by Craig Mundie at TechForum and Julie Larson-Green at the Mobile World Congress. Having one centric Metro design is the last piece to the Microsoft puzzle that aligns every facet of the Redmond-based enterprise.

One of the most compelling parts of Windows 8 is the Windows Store. This retail store follows the Metro style that allows for easy browsing and viewing on your Xbox 360. While there is not an official timeline for the release of Windows 8, it is expected to be released sometime in the fall.