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August 18, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike

The folks at Trend Central never fail to keep us up to date on the coolest stuff in the tech industry. These expert trend spotters just blogged about the advent of GPS-based applications and how “these clever (and free) navigation apps are saving countless hours of aimless wandering for users in pursuit of everything from the bathroom at a sports arena to a grocer’s coffee aisle.” We couldn’t agree with you more Trend Central!

We integrated GPS into the Foodspotting application we recently completed for the Windows Phone. Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. This application provides a virtual road map to the best food in town and allows users to use the GPS on the Windows Phone to pinpoint the restaurants exact location. You can bookmark food that you want to try as well as search the Foodspotting database to look up restaurants or food by category.


Check out Trend Central to stay up to date on Tech, Style, Life, and Media trends. Trend Central has caught on to something good, and were on board!

June 30, 2011

IdentityMine Develops Official Windows Phone Application for Foodspotting

Seattle, WA—June 29, 2011—Today, IdentityMine, Inc., an emerging leader in application and interface development for rich digital interactive user experiences, announced that it has extended the Foodspotting experience to the Windows® Phone platform. IdentityMine helps top-tier brands, such as Foodspotting to extend their market presence on a variety of digital media, including Windows Phone and other mobile platforms; combining art and technology to create highly engaging user experience and enhanced business results.

Foodspotting is one of several Windows Phone applications developed by IdentityMine, including IMDb, HISTORY HERE, Twitter, and SBB.

“The link between social behavior and food is undeniable,” said Director of UX Technology, Jobi Joy. “We built a great mobile experience that allows users to pinpoint exactly where to find particular dishes, bookmark dishes they want to try, and recommend the dishes they loved using photos. It extends the experience of eating and enjoying food across the social spectrum.”

“We’re particularly proud of the Windows Phone edition of Foodspotting, because it represents where Foodspotting is heading: It is beautiful, it’s streamlined and more straightforward, in many ways, than our other applications. It’s a user experience that celebrates the powerful connection between users and the food they love, and is uniquely tailored to the WP7 platform,” said Alexa Andrzejewski, co-founder of Foodspotting.  “It makes Foodspotting’s value proposition very clear: We help you decide what to eat, not just where.”

IdentityMine’s mobile application developers designed the Foodspotting application for Windows Phone as a counterpart to Foodspotting’s suite of mobile applications.

The Foodspotting application allows users to recommend specific menu items at eateries using photos so that other uses can browse menu items to decide not just where they are going to eat, but what they want to order. The Foodspotting application allows users to send photos directly to the application from their Windows Phone camera, associate that image with a Place, view suggestions based on their criteria, and share their post via social channels (including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Flickr.)  Users can also browse and search a visual stream of nearby dish recommendations according to their location as a list or map view, as well as comment on and vote up recommendations made by other users.

To download the Foodspotting application for Windows Phone, visit


For information about IdentityMine’s mobile application development experience, go to: http://www.identitymine.com/mobile

About IdentityMine, Inc.
Headquartered in Seattle, WA, IdentityMine is an expert interactive design and user experience (UX) company. They develop leading-edge digital applications and software solutions for multi-screen, multi-touch, multi-platform, and multi-hardware devices for a variety of markets including mobile, retail and sports. They are able to create unique digital interactive user experiences by leveraging deep expertise in a variety of platforms to deliver highly engaging mobile, Internet and other media experiences for major brands in mainstream markets.  Clients include: Microsoft, New Balance, Twitter, HISTORY (A&E Networks), The New Orleans Saints, Elektra NOC, Nordstrom and others.  More information about IdentityMine can be found at http://www.identitymine.com/. You can find IdentityMine on Twitter at www.twitter.com/identitymine.

June 29, 2011

Foodspotting for Windows Phone launches

IdentityMine has earned a reputation for building killer mobile applications, and we’re very excited to announce the release of our latest effort, Foodspotting.

Foodspotting began in 2009 when co-founders Alexa Andrzejewski, Ted Grubb, and Soraya Darabi realized that while there were many restaurant review applications, there was no easy way to find or rate specific dishes.

Food Spotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. This virtual road map to the best food in town allows users to use the GPS on the Windows Phone to pinpoint the restaurants exact location. Users can bookmark food that they want to try as well as search the Foodspotting database to look up restaurants or food by category. Users take pictures of favorite foods and submit them to the Foodspotting community.

Foodspotting is about finding the best food and restaurants in your area and sharing your experience with friends, family, and all food lovers alike.

Foodspotting needed to extend their brand to the Windows Phone platform, taking full advantage of the unique features that Windows Phone has to offer. Our team of user experience experts and mobile application developers worked hand-in-hand with Foodspotting to produce their Windows Phone application.


Foodspotting worked with IdentityMine to produce a mobile application for Windows Phone that made it fun to explore, discover, and share food items.

Check out the deliciousness:

Foodspotting for Windows Phone Foodspotting for Windows Phone Foodspotting for Windows Phone

Find it in the Zune marketplace here!

June 20, 2011

Why Windows 8 Will Change Business

If you love the Windows Phone user experience, then you are going to love Windows 8. The future of tablet PCs is bright, and being at the forefront of touch and gesture-based technologies allows us to create more powerful consumer and enterprise applications. IdentityMine is excited for the release of the Windows 8 tablets (to be released early 2012), and we want to help you get ready for it:

HP Slate with Windows 8

Windows 8 Quick Facts

  • New Immersive applications that can be opened within the new skin of Windows 8 allowing the application to be split paned and resized.
  • It will include a 128-bit architectural display
  • Same system requirements as Windows 7 (sigh of relief for consumers/businesses wanting to upgrade to a new OS)
  • Enterprise features include the new portable Workspace, allowing you to run Windows from a portable USB device.
  • New Windows App marketplace

Windows 8 will be one of the most universal platforms to date – it will work on your PCs and Tablets, and supports many touch-based functions, much like the Windows Phone 7 interface.

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May 27, 2011

Mango Update – Silverlight Box Scrolling

We’ve been lucky enough to have access to phones with early versions of Mango installed for a little while now. We will continue to report on key improvements and impressions of the update. This post will present some of our findings regarding Silverlight Box Scrolling.

One  major improvements in performance in Mango for Windows Phone 7 is the Silverlight ListBox scrolling. This was often mentioned as a major pain point in many applications (John Zolezzi can attest how many hours were spent improving the scrolling in the Twitter application.)

Mango is solving the Silverlight ListBox Scrolling issue in a few ways:

  • Pictures are now decoded on a background thread (this had to be implemented manually in previous versions.)
  • User input is now executed on a background thread, which means that if an animation is running while a user interacts with the phone, the animation will not skip frames.

There are also other improvements to make the scroll action better. A side by side comparison using our Twitter application can be seen here.

The nice thing is that we do not need to do anything to get those improvements, they will be available to all pre-mango applications automatically.