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The Kinect for Windows SDK combines gestural, facial and speech recognition technologies to enable and inspire human creativity and connectivity. The Kinect natural user interface (NUI) integrates intuitive human gestures to profoundly change the way people interact with technology in the world around them.

Education, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and retail are just a few industries that have been revolutionized by utilizing the Kinect for Windows technology.

Together, IdentityMine and visionaries can change the way consumers view and interact with products and services. Simply put, we’re building strong connections between brands and their customers.

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Application Strategy & Development
Have an application specification, concept sketches, wireframes or just an awesome idea? We will drive it from start to finish and hand off a proprietary, branded application to call your own.
Application Facelift/Rescue
Are you feeling immobilized by unanticipated challenges with your user experience? Is the look and feel of your mobile application stopping users in their tracks? Our team of UX experts, developers, and integrators can work with you to get your project moving in the right direction again.
Kinect your Application
Do you have a mobile, desktop or web application that needs to be updated with the latest and most innovative Kinect technology? IdentityMine will work with your existing application and supercharge it with Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows.
Out with the old and in with the NUI
If you have a great application that is lacking special something, we are here to bring a new level of interaction to your experience. Gesture, touch and speech recognition? IdentityMine does it all.

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Nissan Pathfinder Experience Research and Development

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