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FlatFrog – Productivity

IdentityMine developed an Intel branded, high-fidelity, multi-touch and pressure sensitive Productivity experience for the FlatFrog MT3200 device. This application showcases interactions that are activated by pressure sensitivity and demonstrating multiple proof-points by providing users the ability to edit rich text (.rtf) and Word documents (.docx).

Project Overview
  • Completed:
    September 9, 2013
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The challenge was to create an immersive and interactive word and image processing application that showcases the potential uses of pressure senstivity in an non-gaming environment.


IdentityMine delivered a cutting edge application utilizing Windows 8 controls, an intuitive touch-based navigation menu which provided the user the ability to easily manipulate text in a pressure sensitivity environment.


IdentityMine delivered a demo application that was featured at trade shows and highlighted the touch and pressure sensitivity functionality of the FlatFrog MT3200 device.

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